H-ATLAS publications

The Herschel-ATLAS team had 8 papers on results from the Science Demonstration Phase data appear in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Special Issue on Herschel. These articles are freely available online (see arXiv links).  More papers are continually being submitted to journals, watch this space!

  1. Herschel-ATLAS: VISTA VIKING near-infrared counterparts in the Phase 1 GAMA 9h data
    S. Fleuren, W. Sutherland, L. Dunne et al., 2012, MNRAS, 423, 2407 arXiV:1202.3891
  2. A Comprehensive View of a strongly lensed Planck-associated submillimetre galaxy
    H. Fu, E. Jullo, A. Cooray et al., 2012, ApJ, 753, 134 arXiV:1202.1829
  3. Blind detections of CO J=1-0 in 11 H-ATLAS galaxies at z=2.1-3.5 with the GBT/Zpectrometer
    A. Harris, A. Baker, D. Frayer et al., 2012, ApJ, 752, 152 arXiV:1204.4706
  4. Mining the H-ATLAS: submillimetre selected blazars in equatorial fields
    M. Lopez-Caniego, J. Gonzalez- Nuevo, M. Massardi et al., 2012 MNRAS submitted arXiV:1205.1929 
  5. The infrared properties of sources matched in the WISE all sky and Herschel-ATLAS surveys
    N. Bond, D. Benford, J. Gardner et al., 2012, ApJ, 570, L18 arxiv:1204.2020
  6. Herschel-ATLAS: Planck sources in the Phase 1 fields
    D. Herranz, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, D. Clements et al., 2012, A&A submitted arXiV:1204.3917
  7. Herschel-ATLAS: Towards a sample of ~1000 strongly lensed galaxies
    J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, A. Lapi, S. Fleuren et al., 2012, ApJ, 749, 65 arXiV:1202.0402
  8. Herschel-ATLAS/GAMA: A census of dust in optically selected galaxies from stacking at sub-mm wavelengths
    N. Bourne, S. Maddox, L. Dunne et al., 2011, MNRAS, 421, 3027, arxiv:1201.1916
  9. Herschel-ATLAS: Multi-wavelength SEDs and physical properties of 250mu selected galaxies at z<0.5
    D. Smith, L. Dunne, E. da Cunha et al., 2011, MNRAS submitted
  10. Herschel-ATLAS/GAMA: Dusty early type galaxies and passive spirals
    K. Rowlands, L. Dunne, S. Maddox et al., 2012, MNRAS, 419, 2545: arXiV:1109.6274
  11. Spitzer IRAC identification of Herschel-ATLAS sources
    S. Kim, J. Wardlow, A. Cooray et al., 2012, ApJ accepted arXiV:1112.3653
  12. Herschel-ATLAS galaxy counts and high redshift luminosity functions: The formation of massive early type galaxies
    A. Lapi, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, L. Fan et al., 2011, ApJ, 742, 24 arXiV:1108.3911
  13. Physical conditions of the interstellar medium of high-redshift, strongly lensed submillimetre galaxies from the Herschel-ATLAS
    I. Valtchanov, J. Virdee, R. Ivison et al., 2011, MNRAS, 415, 3473 arXiV:1105.3924
  14. Gas and dust in a submillimeter galaxy at z=4.24 from the Herschel-ATLAS
    P. Cox, M. Krips, R. Neri et al., 2011, ApJ, 740, 63 arXiV:1107.2924
  15. Observation of H20 in a strongly lensed Herschel-ATLAS source at z=2.3
    A. Omont, R. Neri, P. Cox et al., 2011, A&A, 530, L3: arXiV:1107.4979
  16. Herschel-ATLAS: Detection of a far-infrared population around galaxy clusters
    K. Coppin, J. Geach, I. Smail et al., 2011, MNRAS, 416, 680 arXiv:1105.3199
  17. GAMA/H-ATLAS: The Ultraviolet spectral slope and obscuration in galaxies
    D. Wijesinghe, E. da Cunha, A. Hopkins et al., 2011, MNRAS, 415, 1002 arXiV:1103.3080
  18. Herschel-ATLAS: Rapid evolution of dust in galaxies in the past 5 billion years
    L. Dunne, H. Gomez, E. da Cunha, 2011, MNRAS, 417, 1510 arXiV:1012.5186
  19. Herschel-ATLAS: The link between accretion luminosity and star formation in quasar host galaxies
    D. Bonfield, M. Jarvis, M. Hardcastle, 2011, MNRAS, 416, 13 arXiV:1103.3905
  20. Spitzer Imaging of Herschel-ATLAS Gravitationally Lensed Submillimeter Sources
    R. Hopwood, J. Wardlow, A. Cooray et al., 2011, ApJ, 728, L4: arXiV:1011.4940
  21. Herschel ATLAS: First data release of the Science Demonstration Phase source catalogues
    E. Rigby, S. Maddox, L Dunne et al., 2011, MNRAS, 415, 2336 arXiv:1010.5787
  22. The first release of data from the Herschel ATLAS: the SPIRE images
    E. Pascale, R. Auld, A. Dariush et al., 2011, MNRAS, 415, 911 arXiV:1010.5782
  23. The environment and characteristics of low redshift galaxies detected by the Herschel-ATLAS
    A. Dariush, L. Cortese, S. Eales et al., 2011, MNRAS, 418, 64 arXiv:1106.6195
  24. Which haloes host Herschel-ATLAS galaxies in the local Universe?
    Q. Guo, S. Cole, C. Lacey et al., 2011, MNRAS, 412, 2277 arXiV:1011.3048
  25. Herschel-ATLAS: statistical properties of Galactic cirrus in the GAMA 9-hour Science Demonstration Phase Field
    A. Bracco, A. Cooray, M. Veneziani et al., 2011, MNRAS, 412, 1151 arXiV:1011.0725
  26. Measurements of CO redshifts with Z-Spec for lensed sources in the H-ATLAS survey
    R. Lupu, K. Scott, J. Aguirre et al., 2010, ApJ, submitted arXiV:1009.5983
  27. Herschel ATLAS: far-infared properties of radio selected sources
    M. Hardcastle, J. Virdee, M. Jarvis et al., 2010, MNRAS, 409, 122 arXiV:1009.5866
  28. Herschel ATLAS: The far-infrared correlation at z<0.5       
    M. Jarvis, D.J.B. Smith, D.G. Bonfield et al., 2010, MNRAS, 409, 92 arXiv:1009.5390
  29. GBT Zpectrometer CO(1-0) Observations of the Strongly-Lensed Submillimeter Galaxies from the Herschel ATLAS 
    D.T. Frayer et al., A.I. Harris, A.J. Baker, 2011, ApJ, 726, L22: arXiv:1009.2194 
  30. The discovery of a population of submillimeter-bright gravitational lenses by the Herschel Space Observatory
    M. Negrello, R. Hopwood, G. de Zotti et al., 2010, Science, 330, 800 arXiV:1011.1255
  31. H-ATLAS: PACS imaging for the Science Demonstration Phase
    E. Ibar, R.J. Ivison, A. Cava, et al., 2010, MNRAS, 409, 38 arXiv:1009.0262
  32. Herschel-ATLAS: counterparts from the UV-NIR in the science demonstration phase catalogue
    D.J.B. Smith, L. Dunne, S. Maddox, et al., 2011, MNRAS, 416, 857 arXiv:1007.5260 
  33. A search for debris disks in the Herschel ATLAS
    M.A. Thompson, D.J.B. Smith, J.A. Stevens et al., 2010, A&A, 518, L134: arXiv:1005.3018
  34. Herschel-ATLAS: Dust temperature and redshift distribution of SPIRE and PACS detected sources using submillimetre colours
    A. Amblard, A. Cooray, P. Serra et al., 2010 A&A, 518, L9: arXiv:1005.2412
  35. The Herschel-ATLAS: Evolution of the 250um luminosity function out to z=0.5
    S. Dye, L. Dunne, S. Eales et al., 2010, A&A, 518, L10: arXiv:1005.2411
  36. Herschel ATLAS: The cosmic star formation history of quasar host galaxies
    S. Serjeant, F. Bertoldi, A.W. Blain et al., 2010, A&A, 518, L7: arXiv:1005.2410
  37. The Herschel-ATLAS: Extragalactic Number Counts from 250 to 500 Microns 
    D.L.Clements, E Rigby, S. Maddox et al., 2010 A&A, 518, L8: arXiv:1005.2409
  38. Herschel-ATLAS: blazars in the SDP field
    J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, G. De Zotti, P. Andreani et al., 2010, 518, L38: arXiv:1005.2407
  39. Herschel ATLAS: The angular correlation function of submillimetre galaxies at high and low redshift
    S.J. Maddox, L. Dunne, E. Rigby et al., 2010, A&A, 518, L11: arXiv:1005.2406
  40. The Herschel-ATLAS: The dust energy balance in the edge-on spiral galaxy UGC 4754
    M. Baes, J. Fritz, D.A. Godotti et al., 2010 A&A, 518, L39: arXiv:1005.1773
  41. The Herschel ATLAS 
    S. Eales, L. Dunne, D. Clements et al., 2010 PASP, 122, 499: arXiv:0910.4279
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