The Cosmic FIR Landscape
Building on the legacy of Herschel

University of Lisbon 4-6th May 2016

We are holding a scientific meeting focussed on wide area extragalactic FIR surveys to promote collaboration and discussion of the scientific impact of the Herschel wide area surveys and highlight upcoming multi-wavelength datasets that will enable further exploitation of the legacy Herschel generated.

The meeting is organised by the H-ATLAS consortium, the widest area extragalactic survey undertaken by Herschel, but we encourage participation from researchers involved in other teams such as Hermes, HELMS, HerS, HELP and anyone not previously involved in FIR surveys but who are generally interested in exploiting the public datasets in the future. We very much welcome contributions from those undertaking follow up/comparative studies of populations from FIR surveys with other facilities and in other wavebands, particularly ALMA, WISE and radio.

The format will be 3 days with invited and contributed talks on science in the following themes. One afternoon (Thursday) will be for splinter group discussions on specific science projects/follow up planning etc.

Science Themes

  1. What have we learned about SMGs and how do they fit into the framework of galaxy evolution?
  2. Using strong lens systems as probes of distant galaxies and the DM haloes of lenses.
  3. Large scale structure and cosmic lensing bias.
  4. Probing AGN with wide area FIR surveys (radio/WISE/Herschel synergies).
  5. Dusty galaxies in the (z<0.5) local Universe.
  6. Current and Future synergies (relevant new facilities/surveys/techniques).
The deadline for abstracts is 8 April, but there is no deadline for registration.

To make it as easy as possible for people to attend there will be no registration fee but space is limited to 70 people, so if you wish to attend, please fill in the registration form.

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LOC: Hugo Messias, Alex Lewis, Sandra Fonseca, Phil Cigan.
SOC: Loretta Dunne, Haley Gomez, Rob Ivison.