Ancilliary data

The Herschel-ATLAS survey fields were chosen to be some of the best studied areas on the sky and will be an extremely powerful dataset when combined with the wealth of complimentary multi-wavelength data from other surveys.

Some of the surveys instrumental to the analysis of H-ATLAS data are listed below.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey/2dF Galaxy redshift survey.

GAMA -  This was a redshift survey with the AAT and should acquire some 250,000 redshifts out to z~0.4 (Driver et al. 2009, 2010).  The results from this survey brings together observations from telescopes including GALEX for near-UV photometry.

In the future, these fields will also be surveyed in the near-IR with VISTA and UKIDSS at optical wavelengths as part of DES, pan-STARRS, VST, at mm wavelengths as part of Planck all sky surveys, and at radio with LOFAR,  ASKAP

See the overlap between these surveys here.

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